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          This is abrasives manufacturer from China of Sanchao abrasives. Fewer companies can offer the most cost-effective abrasives that Sanchao abrasivesdo. For us, was founded in 1997, now set for the growth of R&D, production, marketing, services in one of the large-scale production enterprises, covers an area of 15000 square meters, has a staff of 300 stuffs.At the same time, Sanchao is a Rev C/ISO9001:2008 certified facility committed to providing the highest quality products available.
          As the largest abrasives manufacturer in China, Sanchao R&D and production of various specifications of models for 1000 round, for 100 tables, flap wheel, flower type wheel, sand belt, cloth round, sand disc,sand series coated abrasives and cutting tablets, cymbals-wheel consolidation abrasives products. It can be also be customized according to customer demand.
          Our commitment to quality and service is best represented by the company we keep. We supply to companies, both national and abroad, exporting to Korea, South-east Asia, Middle Asia, EU, South America, etc.

          Need a production partner that can supply a complete solution? Let's discuss your production needs and show you how you can benefit from our services.




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