So, you might be asking yourself, “What exactly does The Gathering believe as a church?” Well, here are the specific truths about God, the Bible, and people in general we believe are important to us as a faith community

We Believe:

In one perfect God revealing Himself as; Father, Son, and Spirit
Jesus is who he said he is…why?
The bible’s true…all of it!
By nature we’re all messed up, but…
Through Christ what is broken can be restored
We are the church and are God’s “plan A” to communicate his love and message of restoration to the world
Jesus is coming back

  1. June 17, 2016

    I really don’t know where to begin…but one thing is I am in serious spiritual and emotional disaster. My son and I moved here a few months ago from Bellingham,Wa. and it’s quite a culture shock. Getting to this point in my life has been unreal because I have not been living like someone who used to serve God…just carnal, not sexual just drinking, and smoking after 15 years of not, the stress got to me and I hadn’t been in church in years so I have used the wrong things to cope. I have felt so unworthy to even try and pray or expect the Lord to help me, but I feel the tugging and the conviction is very tough and I’m almost scared to enter your church because of that and I probably would just sit and cry. But please pray I will make it there soon, I wanted to this Sunday but we might go to see my grandson in Kentucky…if I don’t I really want to try and get there. Maybe someone will read this and if so thank you for taking the time, sincerely Brenda Snyder

    • August 21, 2016

      Brenda, I just came across your comment. I am not sure what the culture shock is from WA to here in Evansville but I know what stress is and how we as humans often seek refuge in the wrong places. Know this, God loves you while you are yet in your sins. He will always love you regardless of your sins. Your sins and the guilt you feel because of your sins serve as a barrier to receiving the love that God has for you. True repentance (a complete turning from that sin, often with the help of Jesus and in His timing for complete release) is what wipes the slate clean of your sin, but knowing the Truth, that Jesus paid the ultimate penalty for that sin (past, present and future) is what will set you free of the guilt created by that sin. The enemy wants you to believe you are unworthy and too sinful to receive God’s love but the truth is that God is like the father who held his arms out & open wide when the prodigal son came back home! He desparately wants a close, intimate relationship with you! He wants the best for you! But as long as the enemy tricks you into standing on the sidelines, believing you can’t, then the enemy wins that battle because “as a man thinks, so is he!” You must realize that as you love your children unconditionally, so does our Heavenly Father love you unconditionally. He will correct us because He loves us and refuses to leave us in our sins, but He will never fail us or forsake us. You have taken the first step by realizing you need more of Jesus. The next step is finding a body of believers (to become extended family like here at the Gathering) that will encourage you to keep getting closer to God, sometimes holding you accountable so that you can continue to grow, and learning what your purpose is and serving that purpose so you’re life can be full (spiritually & emotionally). Please keep moving forward because there are people that you will affect with your testimony and those that need your help. God is waiting with open arms for your return. Jesus loves you from one scared hand to the other! ~ Rita

    • August 21, 2016

      Hi again Brenda!
      I’ve sent you and your son, Joshua a few emails and didn’t hear back from you guys, so I’m glad you’re reaching out again. It’s good to hear from you. 🙂

      If you haven’t already, click back to this page and read my friend Rita’s response in a comment to your post, and if you want to talk more privately, I believe you still have my email. 🙂

      Peace and many blessings to you and Joshua.
      Chad Frey

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