Restore's Fundraising Jar for Harwood Booster Club
Harwood Booster Club's Booth After Fire

Harwood Booster Club’s Booth After Fire.

If you were walking down W. Franklin street tonight, you may have noticed a large gap in the long line of Festival Booths where the Harwood Booster Club’s Booth usually sits. Unfortunately, Monday evening, malfunctions of some kind led to a fire in their booth and while no one was injured and booth wasn’t complete loss, it has taken them out of the Festival for this year – a fundraiser they rely on to operate.

Harwood is one of the oldest youth sports organizations in Evansville. They do not turn away children who want to play in the league because of not being able to afford the league fees and uniforms.

14 News, WFIE, Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro

Restore's Fundraising Jar for Harwood Booster Club

Restore’s Fundraising Jar for Harwood Booster Club

When she heard about it, our own Lori Meyer knew she had to do something to help. To go along with the many prayers going up, Lori decided to put out a bucket at The Gathering Church & Restore Outreach’s booth’s order window to collect money to help Harwood and also plans to give a potion of it’s proceeds tomorrow as well. This has snowballed and many other non-profits’ booths are being challenged to do the same, and/or give a portion of their proceeds to help their non-profit neighbor.

What better testament of the generosity and real impact of our community and it’s non-profit organizations than when we pull together and give people a hand in their time of need?! This is proof we can all do more when we work together! I’m hoping and believing we can get everyone to pitch in and see Harwood’s unfortunate event be turned to a blessing in disguise – Restore(d)!

Thank you Lori Meyer and many others for being a catalyst for good and restoration in our community! You’re awesome!
PS. Here’s the link to the news story from Also Restore Outreach, represented by Marie Johnson-Metcalf, was interviewed briefly for the 5, 6 & 10pm news!

  1. September 30, 2013

    Thank u Lori for all u do

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